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TalentGuard Chooses Galvia as AI Partner

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Galway, Ireland, June 13th, 2023: TalentGuard, the world’s leading Workforce Skills Intelligent solutions, has chosen to partner with Galvia, a Galway-based AI company, to support successful workforce transformation for its worldwide client base. Through this partnership, TalentGuard’s platform will leverage Galvia’s AI generated models to help companies predict results for critical challenges, such as voluntary employee turnover and talent retention.  

Galvia provides AI-powered infrastructure services and automations to enhance organisational effectiveness and decision making.  

“Our machine-learning technology helps companies predict future attrition, identify at-risk employees and reduce the costs associated with constant employee churn,” says John Clancy, Founder and CEO of Galvia AI. “We are very excited to be partnering with TalentGuard to support more and more organisations to transform insights into impact and empower teams to do their best work.” 

Most recently Galvia’s technology helped TalentGuard guide a US private equity firm merging multiple companies to match employees in various roles across multiple companies to new positions and retain their top talent.

As workforces continue to change, the demand for insights, automation, and AI-powered applications have become a top priority for organisations.  

“Many people see artificial intelligence and machine learning as a ‘magic bullet’ to solve HR and business challenges. However, thinking critically about the different AI methodologies available and how to fine-tune models to generate high-quality results while avoiding overfitting and mitigating bias is crucial” says Frank Ginac, Co-Founder and CTO of TalentGuard.

“As the Chief Technology Officer of TalentGuard, I can attest to the importance of selecting partners with a disciplined approach to these factors. Galvia AI has impressed us with its expertise. We are excited to collaborate with them to help organisations apply the most effective AI/ML methodology to address their talent needs.” 

TalentGuard’s client base include Irish company, Version 1, who provides IT solutions to the private and public sector. 

About Galvia 

Galvia is an AI-powered platform that integrates data from multiple sources to deliver safe, secure, and scalable insights that improve business decisions. Our automated tasks and analysis free up teams to focus on generating revenue, creating engagement, and building sustainable growth. Follow us on Twitter @GalviaAI or visit to learn more. 

About TalentGuard 

TalentGuard’s Workforce Skills Intelligence platform unifies data, software and ecosystem to unlock complete visibility of skills, the intelligence to make data-led talent decisions and the ability to develop the highest potential in your workforce. Follow us on Twitter @TalentGuard or visit to learn more. 

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