Unleashing Unprecedented Growth

Our solution helped NTT Data, a part of NTT Group and a trusted global innovator of IT and business services, improve project delivery, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve unprecedented growth.

About the client

NTT DATA is a leading global innovator of IT and business services with headquarters in Tokyo. With operations in over 50 countries, the company serves clients through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, IT modernisation, and managed services.The company reports 130,000 employees and over US$22 billion in revenue.

The Challenge

However, failed or failing projects had been a persistent problem for the company’s management team, impeding their growth potential. Ineffective project planning, insufficient resources, poor project organisation and management strategies, and subjective optimism or pessimism of project managers were the main reasons behind these failures.

To address these issues, NTT DATA needed a cutting-edge AI solution that could improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, predict failing projects, and help project managers and teams focus on significant business problems. However, some project managers and employees were hesitant to adopt an AI tool for project delivery management.

In collaboration with Galvia, NTT DATA built a secure and scalable AI solution that monitors ongoing projects and predicts future failing projects based on past project data. In a span of a few weeks, the Galvia team loaded, normalised, and mapped ten years of sensitive and complex project management data obtained from NTT DATA’s ERP system. In-depth data analysis was conducted using the latest machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to predict project failures and outcomes. Insights from these predictive models and data were delivered using an interactive dashboard user interface powered by conversational AI.

Following the testing phase, Galvia rolled out the AI solution in segments to project managers across the company and deployed it securely on-premise. The team also provided in-depth training to project managers on embracing the AI tool as a copilot for project managers that is on hand to alert, prompt and focus attention with data-driven insights. Project teams were educated on how the AI solution would collaborate and support them by automating routine tasks.

Key Objectives

Use advanced analytics and NLP to analyse data and predict outcomes

Provide comprehensive training to Project Managers and teams

Deploy AI solution securely on-premise


The AI solution helped NTT DATA improve project delivery, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve unprecedented growth. The solution empowered project managers to have complete knowledge to make optimal decisions with AI on hand to alert, prompt, and help focus attention when and where it is needed.
By using AI, NTT DATA could predict failing projects, safeguard project success, and help project managers and teams focus on significant business problems.

“Working with Galvia has enabled us to use our data to realise benefits we never thought we could achieve! Galvia helped us identify exactly where we need to focus our efforts to deliver an optimal customer experience every time”

Marcus Valente, Senior Director, NTT DATA

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