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Client success

University of Galway campus
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Safeguarding Student Success

We partnered with one of Ireland’s leading universities, the University of Galway, to upgrade its student services with a custom Al-powered student engagement platform

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Optimising the Workforce

Our AI-powered talent management solutions proved to be invaluable in helping a private equity firm merge multiple companies while retaining its top talent.

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More Projects on Track and on Target

Our solution helped NTT DATA, a part of NTT Group and a trusted global innovator of IT and business services, improve project delivery, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve unprecedented growth.

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Enjoy a complete view of your data to unleash organisational growth by tracking progress in real-time, and identifying potential roadblocks before they become issues.

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Anomalies detectedTrend insightsComparisons

Expedite faster and reduce expenditure by detecting anomalies and outliers that may go unnoticed by the human eye. Empower your teams with advanced analytics to make better business decisions.

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Engage your users wherever they are and automate tedious tasks to help your teams deliver better customer experience 24/7.

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Understand what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to take action

Let your data work for you with:

A centralised, user-friendly platform where you can track & access data on-demand.

Micro and macro-level metrics in minutes, allowing your team to act fast and make informed decisions in real-time.

Powerful visualisations that tell your data story in an accessible and action-oriented way.

Automation solutions that transform routine & repetitive day-to-day tasks & reduce employee workload & overwhelm.

A secure and scalable platform that offers enterprise-grade security, ensuring your data is in safe hands, on or off-premise.

We’ve experienced great success with Galvia’s agnostic cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with any environment. Our clients, including universities, love the flexibility of not having to change their entire cloud platform for a single solution.

James Rowley

Associate Director, Cognizant

Our partnership with Galvia reinforces our commitment to deliver a superior student experience. Thanks to Galvia’s AI solutions, automation and insights, we now have more time to focus on our student success.

John Hannon

Director of Student Services, NUIG

The team at Galvia AI transformed Nestlé’s ability to increase automation and efficiency at scale.

Thorsten Steby


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University of Galway campus

Safeguarding Student Success

Learn about the opportunities, challenges and learnings the University of Galway met when deploying an AI-powered Student Engagement Platform.

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Galvia Announces Appointments to Advisory Board to Support International Growth

Galvia, the decision intelligence platform, has announced appointments to its Advisory Board to strengthen Galvia’s relationships with customers across multiple…

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Three Ways AI can Transform Your Business

Companies today have more access to data than ever before. Learn ways to use data to fuel business growth, reduce…

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How to Get Started With AI-Powered Student Engagement

Want to explore the potential of AI, not just as a problem-solving tool but as a means to connect, engage,…

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