Leverage your data to spark growth with better, data-driven decisions.

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Unleash organisational growth

  • Enjoy the benefits of a complete view of your data that consolidates data from multiple sources in one place.
  • Track project progress in real-time, and identify potential roadblocks before they become issues.
  • Minimise disruption with seamless integration with your current legacy technology stack.
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Galvias AI dashboard
Galvias dashboard showcasing how it indicates risk to an organisation

Knowledge is the key to success

  • Gain an unprecedented view of your business with instant access to hidden insights key to understanding your business drivers.
  • Save time and money by detecting anomalies and outliers that may go unnoticed by the human eye.
  • Empower your teams with advanced analytics to make business decisions that drive success.
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Elevate your customer experience

  • Reach your customers where they are and provide a personalised service that meets unique needs.
  • Free up your teams to focus on excellence, by automating tedious tasks.
  • Access dashboard visualisations with behaviour insights to inform improvements and developments for both staff and customers.
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Understand what happened, why it happened and how to take action

Let your data work for you with:

A centralised, user-friendly platform where you can track & access data on-demand.

Micro and macro-level metrics in minutes, allowing your team to act fast and make informed decisions in real-time.

Powerful visualisations that tell your data story in an accessible and action-oriented way.

Automation solutions that transform routine & repetitive day-to-day tasks & reduce employee workload & overwhelm.

A secure and scalable platform that offers enterprise-grade security, ensuring your data is in safe hands, on or off-premise.

We’ve experienced great success with Galvia’s agnostic cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with any environment. Our clients, including universities, love the flexibility of not having to change their entire cloud platform for a single solution.

James Rowley

Associate Director, Cognizant

Our partnership with Galvia reinforces our commitment to deliver a superior student experience. Thanks to Galvia’s AI solutions, automation and insights, we now have more time to focus on our student success.

John Hannon

Director of Student Services, NUIG

The team at Galvia AI transformed Nestlé’s ability to increase automation and efficiency at scale.

Thorsten Steby


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