Education We Help Universities Transform Student Experiences using Al

Make informed data-driven decisions to safeguard student success with our Al powered decision intelligence platform.

Welcome to a new era in education, blending Al technology with human capability.

Supercharge your student engagement to ensure a superior learning experience. Galvia’s AI Platform utilises Conversational Al and Machine Learning to empower higher education institutions to:

Improve Student Experience On & Off Campus

Create a more responsive and connected campus life.

Provide Faster, More Meaningful Student Services at Scale

More personalised and effective support to students can help they achieve their academic goals.

Be Fully Customisable

From discovering curriculum to admissions, onboarding and campus support, our AI platform can be deployed anywhere and is fully customised to meet your unique objectives.

Improve Workflows

Enhance efficiences by making informed decisions and automating routine tasks.

Reduce Costs

Solutions to help optimise resources, eliminate manual processes, and reduce operational costs, resulting in significant cost savings for your institution.

Reduce Routine Tasks, Automate Workflows, Make Better Decisions

How it works

Students enjoy prompts, alerts and engaging support from our virtual assistant, 24/7/365. Seamlessly integrated with popular apps like Whatsapp, this is your very own virtual assistant.

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Galvia continually gathers vital data on your students’ journeys and presents it through intuitive graphics and visualisations. Measured against key performance indicators for student success, Galvia enables student services to instantly identifying at-risk students and triggering support for faster and more effective outcomes.


Streamline your student information. Our content management system provides a centralised location for all your student information. Student services can easily control, collect, and organise knowledge and resources, while customisable dashboards give you quick access to the data that matters most.



student queries answered


reduction in routine mundane tasks

staff hours saved over a six month period


queries resolved instantly

Discover how the University of Galway uses Galvia’s AI solutions and insights to optimise internal resources and prioritise student success.

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