Project Delivery Scalable AI Solutions for Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Empower teams to make data driven decisions, focus on priorities and stay on time and on target.

What can Galvia do for IT service teams?

Galvia prioritises delivering tangible outcomes for your business over building models, with a cutting-edge approach to AI for IT services.

Drive Revenue

Unlock revenue growth and drive business with fast, actionable insights.

Reduce Costs

Identify potential pain points and keep projects on track and on budget.

Predict Failing Projects

Spot risks early on and quickly take action, before they become a threat to project completion.

Connect Existing Systems

Easily integrate with your current tools and systems to have a unified overview of your business performance right at your fingertips.

Increase Customer Engagement

Identify and act on critical alerts and triggers to drive customer engagement and improve retention.

Reduce Routine Tasks, Automate Workflows, Make Better Decisions

Data-forward organisations trust Galvia to drive success

Analyse your complex data with over 90% accuracy to predict issues or failure, keeping your projects on track and aligned with the right targets.

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Reveal powerful insights from your data and share across your organisation, enabling decisive actions and aligning your team in the right direction.


In IT services, timing is everything. With our predictive analytics, you will detect problems earlier giving you extra time to prepare your solution.

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Our Al solutions are designed to work on-premise or in the cloud, with security as a top priority. You can deploy and manage the entire solution through our secure and scalable platform.

James Rowley

“We’ve experienced great success with Galvia’s agnostic cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with any environment. Our clients love the flexibility of not having to change their entire cloud platform for a single solution. ”

James Rowley, Associate Director, Cognizant