HR Services Transform Employee Engagement with Scalable AI

Predict future attrition, identify at-risk employees, and reduce costs associated with constant employee churn with our Human Resources solutions.

Welcome to a new era of Human Resources

At Galvia we prioritise solutions over models. Our innovative approach to building AI for Human Resources is geared towards providing practical solutions that benefit your organisation.

Maximise Team Performance

Automatically respond to queries with our virtual help desk, empowering teams to turn insights into impact and excel at their work.

Reduce Costs

Identify potential pain points and reduce the costs associated with employee churn.

Resolve Issues Early

By identifying and predicting risks early on, you can take prompt action to prevent talent loss and retain your top performers.

Seamless System Integration

Integrate effortlessly with your existing tools and systems to enhance employee experience across all touchpoints.

Boost Employee Engagement

Identify critical alerts and triggers and take swift action to enhance employee engagement and drive retention.

Reduce Routine Tasks, Automate Workflows, Make Better Decisions

Data-forward organisations trust Galvia to drive success

Build Better Teams

From your talent pool, Galvia enables you to identify roles, functions and skills required to build an optimum team – and match your requirement to suitable candidates from your existing talent pool/library. Understand the complexity of each role enabling you to recruit more efficiently.

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Software EngineerNetwork AdminData ScientistNetwork AdminSystem AnalystNetwork Admin 2nd LvlNetwork AdminIT Network AdminDatabase AdminIT Network Admin
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Predict attrition

With visibility of which employees are likely to stay and which will probably leave your organisation Galvia automatically predicts your future attrition rate, with clear explanations of why this outcome is likely.

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Intelligent Talent Management

Manage your talent with up to date insights of talent status at an employee level. Identifying gaps in their skill sets and enable them to self direct their career growth path.

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John SmithLead EngineerSkillsManager SentimentNEUTRALPredictionLIKELY TO STAYLeadership30%Project Management23%Digital Literacy52%SDLC75%

“Galvia AI has impressed us with creating solutions that apply AI and Machine Learning, and we love working with them to help organisations apply the right AI/ML methodology to support their talent needs.”

Frank Ginac, Chief Technology Officer of TalentGuard