Are you ready to go live with game-changing AI in weeks?

Here’s 5 things to get you up and running with gamechanging AI. Our onboarding and ongoing support is tailored to you and your goals so you can see results fast.

Unlock Your Data

Most organisations have grown their technology stack over many many years, and can find themselves with a disconnected mix of modern tech and legacy systems. Our agnostic platform integrates with your old and new systems, connecting your data silos. We then gather and shape your data for AI-readiness. You’re now on the way to your decision intelligence future.

Align to Your Goals

Do you need to engage users? Do you need to predict failure? Do you need to reduce wastage? We work with your team to understand your objectives and design the AI solution to align with your strategic goals. We put the mechanisms in place to measure and align to steer your org towards successful outcomes

Maintain ownership and control

We’re not in the business of selling or licensing AI models. Instead any models built in Galvia are completely owned and controlled by you and your team. Your data stays within your IT eco system. This supports your security protocol and enables you to generate value from your tech investments, not just today but for years to come.

Bring AI into the workforce

AI is not about replacing people but rather it empowers them to do more with greater accuracy making better decisions as they progress things. We will onboard your team and up-skill them if necessary to ensure they are empowered to be strategic and oversee the delivery of successful outcomes and continue to generate value for your organisation.

Continuous Innovation and Support

Our support doesn’t stop at launch. As your organisation grows, our solution is ready to scale with you. We’ll partner with you post-launch and beyond to continually reevaluate, innovate and incorporate new developments to ensure your organisation stays ahead of the competition.