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Four Steps to Transforming Student Engagement with AI

Improving student engagement is a common goal for today’s higher-level institutions.

Research has demonstrated that a higher level of student engagement in the learning process and college life is crucial to improving academic and professional success. Research also shows that student engagement rates are at an all-time low following the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Student services teams are working harder than ever to understand how to engage and activate students. Artificial Intelligence technologies are proving to be an integral part of the solution. Unfortunately, they are often seen as a luxury only affordable to large enterprises.

Galvia is on a mission to change that by making AI-powered platforms accessible to every organisation.

Our AI-powered decision intelligence platform for higher-level institutions’ utilises Conversational AI and Automated Machine Learning to help you:

  • Significantly enhance your level of student engagement
  • Provide more effective, personalised support for students 24/7
  • Reduce mundane tasks by > 40%
  • Provide up-to-date insights and analysis into student sentiment
  • Utilise your own data to inform better decisions and safeguard student success

We have a proven track record of working with one of Ireland’s leading Universities, NUI Galway, to transform their student experience.  Our AI-powered platform helped the University’s Student Services department reduce mundane tasks by 40% and save more than 500 staff hours over a six-month period. 

In the time that Cara has been running so far, it has taken a huge amount of queries, equivalent to a physical space with three people (working) in there. That gives you an idea of the time our team has saved in responding to repetitive questions.

Josephine Walsh, Head of Student Engagement Projects, NUI Galway

In the video above, John Clancy, founder and CEO of Galvia, outlines four simple steps to help higher-level institutions supercharge student engagement and safeguard student success. 

Drive Student Engagement

Vital for driving student engagement is developing a digital assistant for web and mobile that is on hand to alert, prompt and engage students where and when it is needed.  Galvia built Cara for NUI Galway, one of Ireland’s leading universities. Cara (meaning ‘friend’ in Gaelic) is a virtual assistant that is available 24/7/365 to provide answers to thousands of frequently asked questions covering campus facilities and support services as well as other day-to-day services- all in real-time. Such response is vital in driving student engagement by providing personalised and responsible information on student queries and freeing up college staff hours.

Analyse Student Behaviour

Galvia empowers you to listen to students at scale. Institutions can use the aggregate data students provided in their conversations with your chatbot to view visualisations of student behaviour, anticipate potential issues and future needs, and draw insights on how to improve the student experience and drive positive outcomes.

Ensure Self Sufficiency

By using a comprehensive content management system, student services can collect, create and organise knowledge in one place. Galvia’s customisable AI platform simplifies knowledge sharing between departments by providing a single source for all vital information. You’ll be able to respond to students automatically with personalised, helpful, and empathetic conversations – and turn your insights into action.

Safeguard Student Success

Our AI can extract deep insights from your university’s historical data to identify patterns and create a picture of the present and future. Decision Intelligence allows your organisation to combine traditional decision-making processes with advanced technologies – like AI, ML, intelligent apps, and natural language programming (NLP) – to transform data dashboards and business analytics into more comprehensive decision-support platforms. Now Universities can spot issues earlier, safeguard students’ success, and improve student retention.

At Galvia our mission is to make AI-powered solutions accessible to everyone. 

Watch a testimonial with Josephine Walsh, Head of Student Engagement Projects, at the University of Galway as she explains how Cara, an AI-powered platform customised for their needs, is doing the heavy lifting, freeing staff up to focus on what matters most – safeguarding student success.

Request a demo today to find out how our platform can transform student services within your institution and change the way you engage with students for the better.

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