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300% Increase in ROI for Global IT Services Client following AI Adoption

Project Overview:

Decision Intelligence – The Game Changer

Empowering project management with decision intelligence, a multinational IT consulting company is poised for a remarkable 300% annual increase in return on investment (ROI). This transformation comes as they deploy Galvia’s decision intelligence platform, revolutionising their ability to monitor ongoing projects and accurately predict the outcomes of future projects using insights from past project data. Alongside these advancements, other substantial deliverables include:

  • 92% accuracy in project predictions

  • 35% reduction in routine tasks

  • US$5 Million annual benefit identified

The Client

Multinational Information Technology Service and consulting company that delivers IT projects and professional software integrations to customers in Europe, Asia, America and Africa

  • 130,000 + employees
  • $22 Billion in Revenue

What are the Challenges?

Failed or failing projects were an ongoing concern for the management team of this IT consultancy, severely impacting their organisation’s growth potential. The main reasons behind these failures are:

  1. Ineffective Project Planning

  2. Insufficient resources

  3. Poor project organisation & management strategies

  4. Subjective optimism or pessimism of project managers leading to significant revenue losses and poor customer outcomes.

They require a cutting-edge AI solution that will improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, automate repetitive tasks, predict failing projects, safeguard project success, and help project managers and teams focus on significant business problems.

While the senior management believes in AI’s potential to address their project management issues, some project managers and employees are hesitant to adopt an AI tool for project delivery management.

Being a global IT Services multinational, they have an enormous amount of data on-premise that is not being utilised properly due to the level of documentation, permissions, and escalations involved. Data security is a huge concern for their team as they deal with many government, healthcare, and defense projects which need to be handled with utmost care.

The Approach

Step 1: Building a Secure & Scalable AI Solution

  • Galvia works closely with the client to build a secure and scalable AI solution that monitors ongoing projects and predicts future failing projects based on past project data.
  • The in-depth and interactive visualisations will empower project managers to have complete knowledge to make optimal decisions with an AI on hand to alert, prompt & help focus attention when and where it is needed.

Step 2: In-depth Data Analysis

  • In a span of a few weeks, the Galvia team load, normalise, and mapped ten years of sensitive and complex project management data obtained from the client’s ERP system.
  • In-depth data analysis is conducted using the latest ML algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to predict project failures and outcomes. Insights from these predictive models and data are delivered using an interactive dashboard user interface powered by conversational AI.

Step 3: Solution Deployment

  • Following the testing phase, Galvia rolls out the AI solution in segments to project managers across the company and deploys it securely on-premise.

Step 4: Training & Support

  • Our team also provides in-depth training to project managers on embracing the AI tool as a copilot for project managers that is on hand to alert, prompt, and focus attention with data-driven insights.
  • Project teams are educated on how the AI solution will collaborate and support them by automating routine tasks.
Overview of Galvia's AI Platform
Overview of Galvia’s AI Platform

Expected Results & Outcome

  • 300% Increase In Return-On-Investment (ROI) expected annually

  • 92% accuracy in predictions

  • 35% reduction in routine tasks

  • $5 Million annual benefit identified

Galvia helped us identify exactly where we need to focus our efforts to deliver an optimal customer experience every time.

                                           – CTO

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