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Why You Need to Break Down Data Silos to Make Better Decisions

When we talk about decision intelligence, we essentially mean introducing to your organisation a discipline in understanding how and why decisions are made and then seeking to improve them. Why? Because research shows organisations that make better decisions win. And better business decisions need to be driven by data. 

At Galvia, we always tell our clients that good data is a key ingredient for business leaders to supercharge their enterprises with AI.  Making sense of data helps businesses find the right patterns, connect factors, cut through complexity and gain a competitive edge.


Our first step with clients is to get their data in order by breaking down data silos, developing a good understanding of their data and curating it so machines can easily understand and process it. Everyone on the team has to be on board and clearly understand the benefits this transformation can bring to the business and the work.

Fundamental to this journey is breaking down data silos. We know that for non-digital native companies, eliminating or breaking down data silos can be a giant leap, so the Galvia team is on hand to provide guidance, training and customer support. 

What is a data silo?

Data silos or information silos are repositories of fixed data/information that remain under a single department’s control and are isolated from the rest of the organisation, which is a fancy way of saying ‘unshared data’. These silos of information can take the form of many things, files, emails, etc. But the key is that it is potentially useful information (e.g. to other teams in your company) that remains unshared or hidden. 

This means that decisions are made – decisions which affect the whole business – often without the right information being taken into account. More often than not, this leads to unintended consequences and less-than-optimal outcomes.

Why are data silos problematic?

Data silos are counter-productive and detrimental to your business goals. Projects are being rewritten from scratch as the inability to search through company know-how kills any attempts to build on what’s been done in the past.

What are the benefits of breaking down data silos?

AI has the unique ability to consume data on a scale we’ve never seen before. For it to excel in its decision making, AI needs to access as much data as possible. 

The more data you provide AI with, the better it becomes at recognising patterns and predicting outcomes. In the same way humans learn from experience, you could argue that AI behaves similarly.

By gathering more data and presenting that data correctly, you are giving the AI an advantage to make more informed decisions. The more informed decisions you make, the more data the AI can learn from, and so forth. It’s a data network effect – but it all starts with breaking down data silos in your business.

“The more data you provide AI, the better it becomes at predicting patterns and outcomes.”

Case Study: Safeguarding Project Success

Most recently, we have been working with a global IT Services multinational to help them safeguard project success. 

This particular client has an enormous amount of data on-premise that is not being utilised properly due to the level of documentation, permissions and escalations involved. Data security is a huge concern for their team as they deal with many government, healthcare and defence projects that must be handled with utmost care. Read the full case study here.

Fundamental to our work with clients is to break down data silos, bridge the gap between disparate systems, and put decision intelligence at the very core of the business to push actions and outcomes.

In a span of a few weeks, the Galvia team loaded, analysed, and mapped ten years of sensitive and complex project management data obtained from the client’s ERP system using the latest ML algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. Insights from these predictive models and data are then delivered using an interactive dashboard user interface powered by conversational AI.

Team leads can quickly understand what is happening, why it may happen, and how to take action. 

“Fundamental to our work with clients is to break down data silos, bridge the gap between disparate systems, and put decision intelligence at the very core of the business to push actions and outcomes.”

Decision Intelligence is Change

To be successful with Decision Intelligence is to be willing to change how decisions are made. Change is painful so organisations need to want to change even if what they are doing now is incredibly successful. And it all starts with understanding and breaking down data silos within your business. When we begin with clients, first we listen to your concerns and pain points and indicate to you the reasons for change that are compelling for your organisation.

And we guarantee that whether shared securely on the cloud or on premise, we ensure that you have complete control and privacy over your data.

Talk with an expert on our team today to see how we can help you make data driven decisions for improved success and commercial growth. 

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